Courage is often seen as the catalyst for action. It is the willingness to confront our fears and step outside our comfort zones. Courage enables us to take risks, make difficult decisions, and embrace change. Without courage, we may find ourselves trapped in a cycle of stagnation, unable to move forward in life. Strength is not merely a physical attribute; it is a mental and emotional fortitude that enables us to endure and persevere. It is the ability to face adversity head-on, without succumbing to fear or doubt. Strength allows us to rise above the challenges that life throws our way, enabling us to strive for success and personal growth.

Streams Counselling

Streams Counselling helps people in crisis or who are facing life challenges, understand, adapt, change their perspective and develop strategies to overcome those challenges and achieve their desired results.

Anne Brodbeck uses empathy and skilled listening techniques to help people work through and understand their emotions and challenges. Her goal is to help a client discover that “Eureka Moment” that is often elusive when people are in the middle of difficulties or life transitions.

Anne is a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor that brings a lifetime of experience and training to each of her sessions. She views counselling as a collaborative effort. It is important to understand that working through challenging life issues is just that – work! Anne believes that a successful counsellor helps a client achieve his or her desired goals, or if it is a couple, their mutual goals.

Mental illness is widespread, but it isn’t always discussed openly. We all need support, whether we suffer from illness ourselves or have a loved one suffering. This video presents the perspective of a caregiver. A contrast is presented between different abilities and the necessity of advocacy. Let’s start that conversation!

Perspective opens up possibilities

There are times when a road block appears to be the end of the story. The potential is out of sight and the effort seems pointless. What you know is what you see, until you see something different. It is sometimes necessary to adapt our perspective in order to see the bigger picture.

A successful journey feeds hope and confidence to try again and to really believe “The sky is the limit.” What seemed to be the end is actually a brand-new beginning.

Counselling is for everyone.

Asking for help is sometimes the first step. This is the beginning of a journey full of new possibilities.

Disclaimer: Please be aware that the following video contains scenes that may trigger anxiety. Viewers discretion is advised.

Grief is a process.

Disclaimer: Please be aware that the following video contains scenes that may trigger anxiety. Viewers discretion is advised.

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