Anne Brodbeck is a Registered Therapeutic Counselor.  Her office is in Saanichton, but she sees clients from throughout the Sidney and Victoria area and even works with clients online.  Technology has given her the ability to help people from all over the world!

Anne studied at SFU Vancouver, The University of British Columbia, Cegap de Saint-laurent and Trinity Western University.  She received her Counsellor Training at VCCT Vancouver College.  She brings a lifetime of wisdom and experience to every meeting with a client.

Anne obtained her education while being a single mom to three.  She loves photography, cooking and working out.  Her biggest thrill and fulfillment (other than seeing her kids become young adults), is watching clients overcome adversity and succeed in their lives and relationships.

Anne views counselling as being a collaborative effort.  Having

Life Counselling
Be Proactive In Life To Achieve Success

empathetic listening skills and knowing how to ask penetrating yet open-ended questions is central to the success of her clients.

It is important to note, however, that successfully overcoming challenges in life requires work.  People who are willing to work and that are proactive with challenges usually achieve the best results from counselling.