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My Philosophy of Counselling

Life’s journey has many challenges and at some point in their lives, most people seek counselling to overcome hurdles of various kinds.  Life transitions, marital or family strife, addictions and other experiences that shock our systems are all reasons to pursue counselling.  I admire anyone who wants to brave the path of growth in all its shapes and forms.

My desire is to provide a safe, non-judgmental and respectful environment to allow people to explore and gain self-awareness by finding creative solutions.  Each person has existing strengths, and by recognizing them and building on them we can build a solid structure on which to build strategies for successful living.  We can and should grow through our struggles.

As a counsellor, I facilitate discovery by helping my clients draw their own conclusions and make autonomous choices.  I assist in considering relationship counsellingnew perspectives from which a wider range of options become available.

My approach to counselling is tailored to the needs, life situation and the pace each client is able to manage.  Through the therapeutic counselling process, I help my clients learn to gain insights about themselves.  Personal independence helps in caring for emotional needs and increases confidence to navigate the future for a more fulfilling life.

Everyone is capable of making changes for positive outcomes.

Hope is on the horizon!

Let’s talk through your struggles and find the tools you need to obtain a more fulfilling life!

You can contact Anne at 250-818-7687