Counselling Saanichton

Streams Counselling helps people in crisis or who are facing life challenges, understand, adapt, change their perspective and develop strategies to overcome those challenges and achieve their desired results.saanichton counselling

Anne Brodbeck uses empathy and skilled listening techniques to help people work through and understand their emotions and challenges.  Her goal is to help a client discover that “Eureka Moment” that is often elusive when people are in the middle of difficulties or life transitions.

Anne is a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor that brings a lifetime of experience and training to each of her sessions.  She views counselling as a collaborative effort. It is important to understand that working through challenging life issues is just that – work!  Anne believes that a successful counsellor helps a client achieve his or her desired goals, or if it is a couple, their mutual goals.

Oftentimes, a client will find success through counselling merely by understanding and learning how to articulate what their actual goals are.  It is understanding the destination that often enables people to see and navigate the path. One of Anne’s favorite quotes is from C.H. Spurgeon where he said;

“Discernment is not knowing right from wrong, but knowing right from almost right”

Anne believes that if a client is willing to work, their desired results can be achieved.  After all, responsibility is really a response to your ability. Helping a client to be “able” to chart a path towards success and helping them find the tools to navigate the challenges they face,  is the favored result for any well-trained and effective counsellor.

She views her counselling as empowering people to become self-directed , but she brings plenty of experience based tools to each session to help her clients achieve success.  Her goal is optimum results for each of her clients and she finds great satisfaction in watching them achieve success! These optimum returns for her clients are achieved by utilizing tools, discernment, alternating points of views and self discovery.

If you are facing a life transition such as divorce, career change, empty nest syndrome, retirement, career change, boundary issues, anxiety, death of a loved one or simply want to better yourself, Streams Counselling and Anne Brodbeck would love to help.

If your challenge is a relationship, perhaps marriage counselling saanichtonwith a spouse, child or other loved one.  Working through those relationships with an experienced and caring counsellor can help save or reconcile your relationships.

Counselling Resources

Streams Counselling is made of a group of professional to help in a full spectrum of issues. Bea Bussieres is a professional with the Streams Counselling team that specialize in grief care, addiction and anxiety.

When Anne determines that a client or potential client needs to speak with or utilyze different resources, she is able to make a referral.  Streams Counselling does not provide medical prescriptions or advice.

Anne meets her clients in Saanichton  (SȾÁ,UTW̱ territory) by appointment and can even meet clients electronically through Zoom and FaceTime video chat.  CLICK HERE to contact and schedule an appointment with Streams Counselling.

We acknowledge with respect & gratitude that the land on which we live and work is the unceded territory of the W̱SÁNEĆ nations whose ancient relationships to the land continue to this day.